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Spikes Viking / STIHL Automover 4XX

Spikes Viking / STIHL Automover 4XX

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A set of spikes which are mounted on the outside of the wheels. This ensures, among other things, that the robot has a better grip on the surface and achieves a higher torque when it moves around. Screws and manual are included.

Thick stainless aluminum hardened with a special alloy. Thanks to the improved grip, the robotic lawnmower can also perform its work on difficult terrain and in wet weather. Another advantage is that when the spikes penetrate the ground, the lawn is aerated at the same time!
Assembly is quick and easy. The spikes are aligned in the middle and screwed onto the existing wheel with the supplied countersunk screws.


Outside diameter (outer edge of teeth)

227 mm
Inner diameter
178 mm
Screw to screw diameter 190 mm
Wheel diameter

202 mm


Compatible with
(Check dimensions)
* Stihl / Viking MI 422
* Stihl / Viking RMI 422 Vers. P

* Easy to assemble: put on ➡️ adjust ➡️ screw on ➡️ finished work
* More traction and grip even on wet or difficult terrain
* Wheel change possible without removing the spikes
* No protruding screws - this is often seen on similar products!

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